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معلومات عنا

About Shawarma Station

Shawarma Station is an Arabic restaurant that is considered one of the leading Arab restaurants in Abu Dhabi. Our creative cuisine in meals is not only inspired by Arab cuisine but also includes the delicious tastes of Arabs and cuisines from all over the world. Interestingly, you can meet with friends and meet with them to spend your time eating traditional foods in all of our branches, moreover, the restaurant offers reasonable prices and family-style services, Shawarma Station Restaurant sponsors approximately 130 employees of different nationalities. They are fluent in Arabic, English, Urdu, and Hindi.

We welcome our guests from all over the world.

About Us
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المبادئ التوجيهية

• مراعاة عملائنا وموظفينا بالتزامن مع قيم أسرتنا ، سنتعامل مع كل من عملائنا وموظفينا بطريقة نود أن نعامل بها (أو أفضل!)

• نظهر الامتنان لعملائنا لعملائنا وموظفينا وبائعينا لأنه بدون مدخلاتهم وخدماتهم وعملهم ووقتهم ، لن يكون عملنا هنا بدونهم!

• خدمتنا تقديم الخدمة الائقه والودية المتوقعة من مطعم على الطراز العائلي يخلق بيئة غير رسمية ومريحة تجعل العملاء راضيين ويرغبون في العودة مرارًا وتكرارًا.

أهداف العمل

The Main Objectives Of Our Restaurant Business Plan:

  • Best dine-in experience for our customers for their satisfaction.
  • Offer delivery services to save the precious time of our customers.
  • To be the supreme quality comfort in our restaurant for walk-in customers.
  • To provide the best service so the customer will visit again and again.

بيان المهمة

Our Mission of the Restaurant:

  • Our mission is to provide top-quality food in the restaurant.
  • Customer service is really very important for us. So, we would like to take the feedback from the customer to improve the service with the current trend.
  • Your health is important for us, for that our guidelines for starting the process of food to till serving to our customer is very hygienic.




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